Matt Nemitz

Software developer | London

Matt Nemitz | Software developer London


Software engineer at Habito
London, UK (2021-Present)

Currently I work on the engineering team at Habito, an innovative player in the UK mortgage space. I have been working on a number of related projects as part of the developer velocity team:

  • Developing code generation tooling for the Smithy IDL in both Haskell and Typescript

  • Using this tooling to port and maintain a postcode lookup service from Haskell to Typescript

  • Working across teams to increase Typescript adoption as part of the company's technical strategy

Software engineer at Crisp
Amterdam, Netherlands (2019-2021)

For two years I worked as a software engineer at Crisp, a fast growing online supermarket service in the Netherlands. As part of a small team of generalist engineers, I worked on all parts of the stack, with special focus on the mobile app. My responsibilities included:

  • Engineering UI’s and algorithms for high impact app features, including product recommendations, repeat shopping, and recipes

  • Writing backend code both for user-facing features and internal administrative use, including extensive database work

  • Improving continuous integration by expanding software tests, and increasing Typescript adoption throughout the stack

Associate software engineer at SweetIQ
Montreal, Canada (2017-2019)

I got my start programming professionally at SweetIQ, a digital marketing subsidiary of USA Today. Following the internship I was hired as a software engineer. During this time I:

  • Developed and optimized REST APIs in Typescript and Golang, on teams practicing agile development

  • Successfully migrated a wide array of services from AWS onto GCP + Kubernetes as part of a small infrastructure migration team


[email protected]

+44 7 464 404 354

SW15 6TJ, London, UK


McGill University
B.A. Computer Science & Linguistics
Montreal, Canada (2013-2017)


Typescript, Rust, Go, PHP, Ruby, Haskell, Java, Python, Lisp

Tools & Systems

React native, Svelte, Kubernetes, Gitops, Smithy, GRPC, Docker, Linux, Web assembly


  • English (native)

  • French (fluent)

  • Dutch (fluent)

  • Spanish (conversational)

References available upon request